A Dream Comes True

I had a dream, visiting to Transylvania. I have just read about it in the books. I have just studied about it a lot. But I have never beeen here.

For most people,  Transylvania is a stereotype, a fictional place to air dark attitudes, an alleged place of horror. But Transylvania is also a real place, where you can spend hours at a time (even at night) without seeing a vampire or a werewolf.
Just as Pennsylvania means "Penn's Woods" and Sylvania means a kind of lightbulb that burns out fairly quickly, Transylvania means literally "through the woods" or "beyond the woods,"

But the most interesting thing for me the history of Transylvania.
Transylvania was long time the part of Hungary in some different forms . After World War I. the Treaty of Trianon in 1920, was extremely harsh and one-sided on Hungary. The resulting "treaty" lost Hungary 2/3 of her territory, and 1/2 of her total population or 1/3 of her ethnic-Hungarian population. Romania received Transylvania with 1.600.000 hungarians, and vast natural resources.

That's why I always had a desire for visiting to Transylvania. I wanted to see with my own eyes this place where are living less and less hungarians. According to the last census (2011) the number of hungarians is 1.238.000.

And now my dream came true. I am here in Transylvania. I know I have to do something here. What? I don't know yet exactly. I pray for wisdom.

The house where are we living is an absolutely new one in the middle of the nature.

The wooden house just like a chalet. Peace, quiet, singigng  everywhere. Mornings I have quiet time on the porch, wake up the nature.

I'm a morningperson, so I can make breakfast for everybody (15-20 people). Nobody likes here get up early... After breakfast there is a quiet time (for me is the second), than starting the studying. The teaching is in English with Romanian translation.
Our group is international, Germanians, Romanians, a Croatian man, a couple from Madagascar and me. The teachers will come from England, Ireland, US, Holland, Germany.

There is the place for studying and for eating as well.

Every week will be a new topic. Intimacy with God, How God is leading us and how we hear His voice, The Kingdom of God, Spiritual warfare, Identity in Christ, The Father heart of God, Decipleship, Evangelism, Family relationships/counceling, Character and nature of God, God's calling for us etc.
In the afternoons there is work duty, and in the evenings again teachings. There is time for self, for God, spending time with Him. I think I will be able to grow in my faith in the knowledge in this ideal surroundings.

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