After three weeks in Moldova we went back to Romania. The last picure in front of the border crossing pont.

The entrance to Romania with a Norway car was quite difficult.  The officer looked for something in our car and we had to take out our baggages. Especially my backpack was suspicious to the officier and he looked over my personal belongings. He was quite disappointed because he did not find any interesting things.  The situation was familiar for me from the communist times.  But my young friends were wondering.  After 80 minutes wait we could to enter to Rumania. My young friends were happy because they did not understand the lots Russia speeches.

At the Galati we crossed the ferry, the wind blew high.

Galati is the largest port town on the Danube River, the 8th most populous city in Romania, and also a border checkpoint to Moldova.
Galați has the largest iron and steel plant in Romania, the Archelor Mittal Galati, which was state-owned until 2001. It is still commonly referred to as "Sidex", its old name.
Romania's largest shipyard is located in Galați. It benefits from easy access to the Black Sea and from its co-location with the Mittal Plant.

It was getting dark when we arrived to Constanta.

At first we did not find the our occomodation, but we got some help on the mobil phone and finally we found the international internetcoffee. Here will be our room for a week on the upstairs. Sleeping in a bed! There is heating in the room! The life is beautiful!
Next morning was a short walk on the beach. I have never seen the Black Sea!

Afternoon we participated in a really YWAM wedding. The bride is American, the bridegroom is British, they have got to know each other in Romania doing the DTS, and since that time they have been working here.
The ceremony in the church was touching. We worshiped God, praised God, prayed for the young couple. I have never seen something like that. 

After that we went to the restaurant at the beach. The menu was not tipical Romanian, we did not eat ’sarmale’ (the special Romanian staffed cabbage).


It was interesting for me that here also has somebody „stolen” the bride and the bridegroom has to set her free, like at the traditional Hungarian weddings. The bridegroom has to solve some funny tasks. After midnight the bride cut the cake, we ate it and the young couple left the restaurant.

On Monday we involved to the Kids program in YWAM Constanta.

For a year a young Dutch couple deal with the kids, they also have a 9 months boy. The goal of the program to show the love of Jesus to children in need. Most of the children they work with are from poor Turkish and Gypsy families and as a team they feel so privileged to be able to invest in their lives. Every week they sing songs, play games, share truth from God's word to us, the Bible, and focus on building up each child through loving friendships. The children range in ages 3-15 years old and each one of them are so special and unique! Kids Club is a blessing not only for the kids but also for they as a team.

We spent time with kids three afternoon, and the fourth one we organized a soccer game for the boys, and made beading with the girls.
Unfortunately I coud not speak in their language, I needed always a translater. But they felt the love, so we were capable communicate with our heart.


One afternoon we made practical work in the AQUAPONICS program.

The goal of the program is to develop practical, sustainable solutions to needs in this region of the world through the use of aquaponics and other “green” technologies. YWAM seek to train people and organizations to grow their own food in a simple, affordable, and sustainable manner. Through equipping people to meet the practical need of nutrition, they are able to engage with them relationally, share the love of God and the message of hope, healing, forgiveness, and relationship with Jesus.
We made the frames of wood for the plants.

Two evenings of the week we spent time in the International Cafe. This is a welcoming place where the international students can enjoy a cup of coffee and spend time with friends. I also enjoyed this evenings because I got opportunity to get to know English speaking youth and different cultures. One evening was a presentation of the State Oregon demonstrated by two oregonian young people.

We get to know that Oregon is famos among others from the rain, the christmas tree and the clame chowder. And we could taste the really clame chowder! It was really delecious!

I enjoyed this evening, the fellowship, the English conversations, especially with the YWAM EURO team. They have just arrived from their backpack outreach to Constanta. The Norway and Dutch young people told me about their outreach, I shared my testimony, they promised to pray for me. It doesn't matter the nationality, the age, we are in unity in the Body of Christ!


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