I hardly finished the Discipline Training School in Transylvania  after that was begun the School of Biblical Studies in SwitzerlandThis shool is a part of the degree programs of the University of the Nations (UofN) 
www. uofn.edu

I travelled by overnight train to Zürich, changed my train and toward to Wiler.
Wiler is located almost exactly in the middle between Bern and Biel in Switzerland. To both cities there is a driving distance of about 18 km. Wiler is rather "scattered" village, and consist of several parts. It is a village where everybody knows everybody and more cows than people.
The main impression of Wiler is that of a farming village, but in the meantime the majority of people living here are not involved in farming any more.
My first impression was, yes, this is the real Swiss culture, everything is clean, accurate, well-organized.

The students from five different continents: three Swiss, one German, one American, one Brasilien, one of us from India, one from Madagascar and one from Zambia. Everybody speaks in English!

The first weekend we got to know a little bit the Swiss culture, visited the famous Kambly Factory Shop and could taste over 100 varieties of biscuits.

We visited also a cheese factory.

Beside the old house was built in 1790 and it’s cheese cellar is still working.

In the evening we watched a movie about Switzerland is more than cheese and chocolate.
I think we will have a joyful and successful thime here in Wiler!

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