The first weeks

Quickly started the time of laying foundations in the methods of Bible study. 
This was amazing for me because the approach of Bible is different to other bible schools and to other schools in my life. I had to study in every university other people’s opinion about the topic.

But here we follow these principles: 
Search the Scriptures for yourself!  Go directly to the source – the Bible! Don’t depend upon interpretations of other people! Allow the Word to speak personally to you!

In order to search the Scripture accurately we must learn certain skills (a develop ability do to something competently and proficiently).
Studied the four basic steps of the inductive approach (observation, interpretation, application, proclamation), and the three primary methods (the survey method, the analytic method, the synthetic method).
Read the Bible as it written, put aside all presuppositions and preconceived notions.
The method was practiced through the letter of Paul to Philemon and to Ephesians.

I really enjoy this method! I can discover for myself God's Word!
It’s amazing, that 11 years ago I didn’t know anything about the computer using.
Five years ago I couldn’t speak English.
Three years ago I didn’t know anything about God….

But with God all things are possible!

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