Studying, studying, studying...

The time is running here, we are always incredible busy.
The first week we got to know the inductive method through the Philemon letter. Discovered together the meaning, the content, the historical background, the structure and summarized everything in charts. 

The second week we worked with the Ephesians letter. After teachings we tryd to apply the method alone, made charts, our tutor corrected, and gave a feedback to us.

The Gospel of Mark was the following book on the third week. 

Last week we had a test about an inductive method. It was quite difficult  for me memorize the definitions and the most important things in English. I was afraid,  how will I understand the questions. But I did it! I got an "A" !
The next book will be Luke. 

So  every day is extremly short! For me is an other problem working on the laptop, making charts. I can not typ fast, blind, with ten fingers. I am slow in reading English, in working with computer, but this is a challenge for me!

The next challenge is keeping the healthy balance betwen studying and relaxing!! Not too easy...

Finally I can spend enough time with studying of the Bible, and during this time the wounds in my heart will be healed.  Each of words of Scripture is so beautiful, would be nice to know by heart the whole book!

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  1. Great blog, Ildiko. So happy to hear all you are learning. May God continue to bless you will understanding and a thirst for his word.