First Experiences

The hard work has begun. Teaching, taking notes (in English), conversations about the topics, completely new surrandings, international and multigenerational team. It's a big challenge for me!
First week we had two great topics. Intimicy with God, How God is leading us and how we can hear His voice. We got two speakers, one of them was a  leader of YWAM Cluj, the other one was the DTS leader of YWAM Medias. We could hear about the fundational values of YWAM.
YWAM is an international and interdenominational Christian organization, which has as purpose the global mission. This organization is active at the moment in over 160 countries and is involved in 3 areas: evangelism, mercy ministries, Christian education.
DTS (Deciplies Training School) represent the main school of University of the Nations.

The YWAM Romania has an interesting ministry, called Restore.

The focus of Restore Association are the follows:
1.) Help families, single mothers and children in need to integrate into society.
2.) Support the personal development and education of children and young adults coming from dysfunktional family backgrounds, offering them a setting to develop their full potential.
3.) Combat Roma discrimination and help Roma communities to find relief from poverty.
4.) Network and build partnerships, nationally and internationally, in order to prpmpte Restore's goals.
5.) Promote the Christian values and worldview through all the activities of the associacion.

1.) Mentor and train excluded families and individuals, empowering them to implement sustainable projects and lead a healthy life-style.
2.) Organize camps for children, youth and families coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and from the general public, weekly educational-spiritual meetings for children from rural areas, as well as diverse training events.
3.) Offer holistic, individual care and counseling to individuals in need.
4.) Advocacy for people in need, who can't represent themselves.
5.) Organize housing projects for families in need.

The program concentrates several poor villages. I visited one of them on Friday evening. Gathered together 6-7 youngs, played the gitar, worshiped God, talked about how God transforms the people's life. On Fridays these youngs are in the best place, and listening to the best things, and taking to their home all informations, feelings, that they here experienced. The aspect begins step by step to change. Not too easy...

On Sunday morning we took part in an orthodox church the Sunday Morning Service. So I could celebrated the coming of the Holy Spirit second time in this year.

In the evening we lit the bonefire celebrating the Summer solstice. Spit the raw dough(!) and roasted. Was very interesting and delicious! In Hungary we used to eat roasted speck, with American friends roasted Marshmallow, but I have never heard roasted dough.... I will try it at home!

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