Family Camp- Dezna

                           Respect him - Love her
            This was the motto of the family camp.

One of the most important goal of YWAM is the strong family. YWAM wants to restore family life, to bring healing to broken individuals and families, to help them return the Biblical foundations of family life, to strengthen family life and train families.  Since 2006 every Summer is organized the Family Camp in Dezna (closed to Arad)– almost with norwegian support. This Summer over 40 families (around 150 people) could spend one week in a beautiful surroundings.

We had a team with 8 people, had to get up the kids program meanwhile their parents were tooking part of the seminar.  
The subject of the camp this year: Respect him/Love her. The parents learn how to do this, to respect and love each other, to have strong familes, with impact, that will reflect the way that God wanted for the family to be.
The parents and grandparents (!) could hear about five love languages and after that they could talking about this in small groups. After lunch were family programs, swimming pool, family competitions, moreover an romantical evening for parents (without kids). The tartget was spending quality time together! For me was a big challenge taking part in the organization of kids programs. We wanted to separet the kids two groups according to their ages but this was not possible because of the siblings relationships. Finally we organized two groups. In my group were about 18-20 children (4-18 ages), and the most of kids couldn’t speak in English. We played lot of games, made excurcions, and tought some parts of the Bible.

On top of this we had to struggle with the Romanian foods. For me was not to difficult because the Romanian kitchen is similar to Hungarian: lot of soups, sweets, white bread. But I missed the fruits, the fresh vegetables and milk, youghurt. We tryed to look for some fruits, vegetables in the shops, but we didn’t find any. Finally we collected some fruits from the tree beside the way.

Especially the norway families and the family from Madagascar were suffering from the lack of vitamins and the very-very sweet put-up teas.
Our team are really thankful for our european accomodation and catering in Prod!

We were looking forward to go home in Prod!

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