Countdown begun

The last teaching week was the „crown” on the first part of our DTS. We came from different countries to know God. During this time we knew ourselves, got help to be capable to face our past, faults, problems. We comprehended together so heights, so depths, we had so many good moments in this three months, that now difficult to say good-by. But we know in every leave there is a beginning of something new. We are already planning the next Summer.

This week we had a guest speaker, Ina Steyner, (South-Africa/England) who taught us how we should pray.

Most of people bring the problems before God and say the wishes.  But this is not prayer. Pray is not about me. Pray is all about God! I just standing before Him and knowing Him, trusting Him, worshiping Him. We have to change our focus completely!
We know the Spirit helps us to pray. But what is our Spirit like?
„…the Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and the man became a living being.” (Genesis 2,7)
God gave Himself to the man. The first man was full with Spirit of God.  No sin, no death, just life, harmony. But Adam sinned and the Spirit of God shrunk, distorted, polluted, died.
All of us were born with this died spirit. But when we become Christian and invite Jesus in our heart, this died spirit come to life, and a seed of eternity starts to grow in ourselves.
Amazing! I have a treasure in me! I have a source of life in me! The eternal God dwells in my innerbeing!
But my Spirit needs food and felloship with the Father. I have to protect, take care of my Spirit! If I read the Bible, I give the bread of life to my Spirit. If I listen to the preaching I give the milk of heaven to my Spirit. And my Spirit is transforming my mind step by step and always takes me back to the Father.
My Spirit is growing in me and when I will be a mature Christian, I will full with the Spirit of God.
When I pray I have to know who am I.
I have to proclame I belong to God, I shall not fear! I can block the power of enemy!  The power of death is broken! Blood of Jesus coveres me! Christ in me, me in Christ! I am dignified! Jesus is my Savour! The Lord is my Shepherd!
I just worship God and pray. Prayer is the river of life.  And God will fulfil all of my needs!

After this teaching I climbed the top of the hill and shouted out: Jesus! I belong to You! I am Yours!
This feeling was amazing!
Thank you Ina for the teaching!
I am sure we will meet in the future and will pray together for Hungary!

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