The Time of Big Challengees

We finished officially too the theoretical phase of our Discipleship Training School, and made a two day excursion, we hiked in the mountains.

After that we went to the Republic of Moldova to applay in practical ways on the mission field what we have learned in the theoretikal phase in a crosscultural setting.

Republic of Moldova is the small country in the Eastern Europe. Hungary is three time bigger than Moldova. The official language the Romanian, but many people speak Russian language because Moldova was long time the part of Soviet Unio.
The country is the poorest one in Europe. The average monthly salary is only $243 USD.
We will work together with the small but very enthusiastic team of YWAM Moldova involved to the youth and  kids ministry. We will share our testimonies and encourage the people.

We travelled all day through Romania. Going from west to east the poverty is more and more visible. For example we saw many very used old cars, Ladas, Dacias, and the imprints of the long ago prosperous agriculture.
We arrived afternoon at six at the border.  Before us was just one car. I had again bed feelings from the communist times. My young friends didn’t understand this. We had to pay for the entry and after one hour waiting we could go further.
In a short time we arrived to Cahul. The city has 40.000 inhabitants. The poverty is visible. The corruption and the human trafficing prosper here.It is common for the beautiful, young girls to be sold for the prostitution abrod.

Rusty Ladas and land rovers running on the terrible roads. Among the raunchy block houses are creative works from the used plastic.

On 19th we celebrated my 54th birthday. My friends made me my favorite food, chicken salat with apple pie and ice cream. Everyone gave me some kind presents.We were from six nations, my friends prayed for me in four different languages, and song the birthday song. My American friend looked for me Hungarian birthday song on the internet and she found me the favorite one!This was the really surprise for me!!!

This was the one of my most memorable birthday!

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