Visitation to Medias

Finally we could visit the one of the biggest saxon city in Transylvania, Medias.
Mediaş has one of the best preserved historical centers in Romania and also some well preserved medieval fortifications. One of the most impressive symbols of the town is the Tower of the Buglers, which is about 70 meters tall. Its construction started in the 13th century. In the 15th century it was raised to 5 tiers. The St. Margaret Church was finished at about the same time. Later, 3 more tiers were added in only 2 months. The roof consists of colored vitrified tiles, and 4 turrets were built. The tower had a guard, who would sound his bugle whenever an enemy approached. Therefore the tower has this name. The tower has in its South-Western corner (between the clocks) a small wooden man who rings a bell, thus announcing in advance when the clock will ring on the hour. The heavy pressure of the tower on the sandy soil is the reason why the tower is slightly tilted to the North. Between 1927 and 1930, and later in 1972, the tower was consolidated. The tilt of the tip compared with the base is 2.32 m.

The city lies in the middle of the area which was inhabited by Transylvanian Saxons and in an area of 20 km around it there are dozens of fortified churches, two of them UNESCO World Heritage sites.

You can see on the picture in the background the gothic fortchurch, the only one, which is standing in the middle of the city.
Unfortunately insight was not allowed taking pictures.

 After that we visited the biggest YWAM base in Rumania. Beautiful, new, well-equipped building with huge glasses. But I prefere rather our quiet base in the midst of the nature.

Previous week was finished the teaching- series about the family life. Chris Child from England, and his German wife Karin, and their son, the four years old David left the base and went home. They were living with us for two months.  This time was a life changed experience for all of us. They are fantastic people, who are teaching with all their life. Saying good-by was hard, but we enjoyed the farewell party. We were representatives of seven different countries, we prayed in seven different languages, but we were in unity of Body of Christ.

The next week the guest speaker was David Painting (from England), who taught about the character and nature of God.
David has an enormous knowledge and a humble heart. His teaching showed us absolutely new aspects from the well-known Bible stories.  Is not possible to write this, this should have to hear for everybody!
I just try to write one of the thoughts from the one week teaching.

Why did God create?
God had created us to enjoy relationship. He gave us free moral choice. He gave us the garden as a model for how the whole world could be. He showed us His ways and taught us how to live. He gave us a job and the authority to do it.
At the fall of man Satan usurped this authorithy. We lost our power, purpose, relationship with God. We exchanged the Father of Lights for the father of lies. God can no longer fulfil our needs. We fulfil these needs from wrong sources. It brings death in guise of life!
Sin broke the relationship between man and God. On the cross, the man who was God took our sin in order to bring us back.
Because of Christ’s work on the cross, belief in Him gives us back our authorithy.

Thank you Father, thank you Jesus for this sacrifice!

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