On the Mission Field

After the first couple days we were involved with the work of YWAM Moldova. The YWAM here just started, now they are working on the official registration.
We worked mostly with youth and teenagers in the Salvation Army, the Lord’s Army, the Emanuel Church and in a baptist church on the countryside.

We led bible studies, worships, small groups, played games, performed biblical drama, talked about God's character, encouraged the youth and the teenagers studying English, shared our experiencies and testimonies.

 In some places the people spoke just in Russia, in other places in Rumanian, but I always needed translation. The communication was a little bit difficult – translation from English to Rumanian from Rumanian to Russian, but sometimes accordingly was very funny. I could practice the Russian language, unfortunately I forgot almost everything. But the people praised my pronuntiation. Yes, I started to study Russian when I was 10 years old, and English when I was almost 50! This is a difference between my Russian and English accent.


In the traditional church in countryside we had to wear skirt and headcover. 
Not allowed the jewel and make-up. I did not have skirt, one 
of the Rumanian friends lent a skirt and a headcover.  I was 
suffering from the cold because the weather was unusual cold. 
I shared here my testimony in English and my Rumanian 
friend translated.

The weather became very cold. During the day outside is 5-6 degrees, in the flat is very cold as well.


Always raining, the streets are covered by water and mud.

The harvest finished, we could eat the famous Moldovian grapes.

Our outreach also finished in the Republic of Moldova, had to say good-by our friends. The farevell party was full of joy eating Mexican food, American and Moldovian pumpkin pie.

After that we prayed for the Republic of Moldova. In the country the situation is the same like the other post-communist countries. Broken families, orphans, no work, no hope, no future vision, the young people are working abroad, poverty, corruption, but the people much more opened to receive God’s love than in Hungary.

„For I know the plans I have for you” declaires the Lord plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” (Jeremiah 29,11)


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