Life in the misery

In this week we visited one of the roma villages of the area.  I saw there so poverty that I have never seen before. Probably in Hungary there are also so poor villages, but I had to come to Transylvania for this experience.
The village locates between Sighisoara and Medias beside the main road 14. The beautiful fortchurch is already locked. Most of the inhabitants are roma without work, hope and future vision.  The water of the well of the village is so polluted that the people become sick.  Around the well are lot of mess.


While we were approaching the area, filthy, curious kids run before us. They saw my camera and wanted pictures of themselves, made some grimaces. Pulled my suitcase, explained something in Rumanian, probably they wanted some money or food. Some of them were barefoot, one of them was naked.

After kids appeard the women as well.

Clothes were dryed on the cords and even on top of the craphouse too.

We steped into one of the houses.

Here live eight kids with their parents, but he mom is already pregnant with the next child.

The dad was working something with some sticks.


The „kitchen” was in the other room, where the all furniture was a wide bed.

From the door we saw the other house.

Almost every house was terrible.

In one of the kitchens on the table a mouse(!) was eating from the leftover. I was shocked from the scene, I even forgot  to take a picture….
The women washed the clothes in the yard in the plastic tub. 

In the other side of the village the people live a little bit better, but this roma area was the misery!
The Restore Association is working on bringing change to this village. The land is beautiful, the fortchurch is fantastic, the village can be the center of the tourism.
The changing comes slowly, but the workers of the association don’t give up. They are regularly dealing with the kids, teaching them, loving them, and every Sunday morning there is a service.
This visitation shocked me, but I understood we are living in such a good circumstances! In spite of this we always complain.
On the way home I was thinking about how we should explain this people that God loves them, and has a wonderful plan for all of them and for the village as weell?

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