Paul's Letter to the Romans in Rome

We spent five fantastic days in Rome.
We saw the most important sights in the downtown, visited the Pantheon, the Colosseum and the church of Saint Chrysogonus which is probably the first parish church in Rome.
Chrysogonus died martyr apparently during the persecution of Diocletian, between 304-305. The church was built in the 4th century.

Under the ground we could see some frescos from the 8th century with very good state of conversation, marble sarcophagus with marine's decoration from the 2nd century, a baptism font and more marble and terracotta sarcophagus.

We spent half of a day in Vatican,

and got opportunity to see the place of Paul's second imprisonment in Rome.
According to tradition in this place Paul gave his life for Jesus Christ in the year AD 67.

Every day after sight-seeing we had teaching about Paul's letter to the Romans. From our guest speaker, Rob van Os  we got amazing, logical, clear teaching about God's plan of Salvation. The teaching was in English with Italian translation because we had Italian seminar guests as well.
After teaching was the personal study time...

On Sunday we served in an Evangelical church in Rome. This church was established by American missionaries and became home for several foreigner as well. They came from Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Honduras but from Luxembourg, from Moldavia and a Hungarian (!)women. She has been living in Italy for 30 years, her name is Ildiko. She grew up in Budapest but left Hungary and at present she has a really difficult life situation. She has just started to visit this congregation because she look for God.

 This Sunday was a blessing for them and for us as well. Our worship was fulfilled with God's present, I felt Holy Spirit touched the people's heart.
We performed a small pantomime how God transforms the life of someone, who receives His love and believes in Him.
After that I shared my testimony how God transformed my life, how changed the bad things to good, how I found the purpose of my life and the peace of my heart which I didn't find  in my all  life.

My room mate, Polly preached that we are God's beloved children, each of us are precious, unique, created by His imagine.
This Sunday service was my the best experience in Rome although the whole trip was amazing!
Thank you for everyone who organized this outreach.
Thank you for my supporters the finances and prayer support.
Thank you Lord for having provide, protect, take care us!

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