Back to the middle ages

After three months intensive study we finished the first quarter in the school studied twenty books in the New Testament. We usually covered one book per week, and if they are short, sometimes up to three. 

During this time I have been deeply blessed. This school not just teaches the Word of God, but is a place of healing: studying the Word always bears fruits, first in our lives and when we share it, in others life. The school also develops a deep foundation for future ministry. I have a deep desire to teach the Word in my country, and this feeling day by day becomes stronger.
Here I can realize day by day how great is our God. "He is able to do more abundantly that we ever ask or think" (Ephesians 3:20) 
I have never thought that I can study in a Swiss Bible school, that I can go to Rome, that I get a new computer and so much finances support!
Thank you for your every support, encouragement, prayer!

And I have never thought that I can spend a week in the quarter break in Germany!!
One of my DTS teachers invited me and my friends to his home in Germany.This week with Chris, Karin and their 6 years old boy, David was a real, rested, joyful holiday full of great programs, interesting people, spiritual experiences.

The small town, Rothenburg ob der Taub with 12.000 inhabitants is a real HISTORY! The old castle built around 970 AD. In 1108, the Dukes of Hohenstaufen inherited the castle and the town, which was granted the status of a city in 1172. Having been an Imperial City since 1274. Integrated into Bavaria in 1802.

During the second world war the town was partially destroyed in an air raid, although its historic center remains unscathed.
Reconstruction of the town in its original style. The destroyed fortifications are rebuilt with the supports of friends of the town and sponsors from all over the world.

You can walk on top of the city wall, the view is amazing!

I have fell in love totally with this town!

Every day we had something interesting program: nordic walking in the bank of Taub, swimming, talking in a house group how we can handle our conflicts in a Christian manner, sharing my testimony, telling the story in a Muslim group, in a group of people who live in the edge of the society, many great prayer time full of the Holy Spirit!
We are a national group from five different countries (Germany, England, Zambia, Latvia, Hungary) ate several different food.

This was a Caribbean breakfast.

And certainly the German dumpling, the "knedli".

I could practice the German language as well.

This was a fantastic, restful time, interesting programs, great fellowship, lovely meals.
Now I am renewed, ready to study the Word!!

Thank you for all of your prayers, supports!
Thank you God, the Almighty for your providing!

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