News from Switzerland

Dear Friends,

As you know, my current location of ministry is Switzerland (Wiler). 
God has brought me here to be a part of the School of Biblical Studies with Youth with a Mission (YWAM, in German JMEM). 

This is a season of being established in His Word and in His truth, a season that will impact the rest of my ministry life.

In the middle of September we will finish the study and are going to outreach practicing what we learned in the school.

Our school is partnering with Wycliffe Bible Translations and will be working with them during our outreach.  
We will be divided in two teams – one goes to Madagascar and the other to Mexico. 

After a period of praying about the different locations and asking the Lord where He was sending me this time, I felt prompted to go to Madagascar

We will be working in villages and regions where  Wycliffe has translated the Bible into their languages and will teach people who are not only excited to learn, they are hungry for the Living Word!!

We will be teaching the foundation steps of inductive Bible study, and this way, we do not preach at them, although we will also be teaching, we will be giving them tools to study the Word of God on their own and that way be able to grow and mature when we are no longer there with them. This thrills my heart so very much!!!

I have been praying a great deal about how to share with you my financial needs.
Many of you already are sojourners with me in this, yet not all the needs have been covered. 
I still owe a major portion of the third quarter fees for the SBS. 
As the outreach preparation starts, the financial need has become quite a mountain to overcome. 
The Lord has called me to build into the nation of Madagascar and I will have a chance to reach out to in Jesus’ name and fulfill the Great Commission of making disciples of every tribe, tongue, and nation.

How can you help???

Would you be willing to represent me to your circle of friends, to your sphere of influence, to your home group, or to your Bible study?

Would you be willing to let God multiply your support of me this way?

Here is a picture of my current financial need:

Debt for third quarter:  $1,000
Madagascar Outreach need: $ 3,000
Travel insurance: $1,000
Total Need: $5,000
The amounts can seem so large, but every gift no matter how small or large adds up and helps a lot!
 Would you pray about coming alongside me in these needs?

If you feel led to come alongside me financially, here are some details about how to proceed: 

Bank information

Send your tax-deductible contribution to:
Free Methodist World Missions - 770 N. High School Rd - Indianapolis, IN 46214
Toll-Free – (800) 342-5531 Local – (317) 244-3660

Identify your contribution as being for the “Europe Area Education Network.”
All funds that come into this account will be forwarded to Hungary for my support.

or on Paypal to ildikokober@gmail.com
or I send you my bank account number in a personal letter if you need.

Thank you so much praying about and considering this request! I am trusting the Lord to supply my needs, and He has been so faithful at every point!

Love and Blessings,


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