In the beginning of September we finished the study of the last book of the Bible as well.
Incredible, I read the Bible first time in my life, right in English, and I had to read five times each of books and write many-many test-papers.

During this time we practiced the teaching, preaching as well. Although I am a teacher, but not too easy to teach in English. I needed so much preparation time like long time ago when I studied the method of the teaching (in Hungarian)

Here I am teaching the historical background of the Book of Haggai. Beside me is the German interpreter because every English teaching needs to be translated to German as well.

Then after 9 months very hard study I got the certificate that I finished successfully the School of Biblical Studies.

Here each of us gave a short summary in front of our guests how changed our life during this 9 months.

Additionally my 80 years old Mom visited me in Switzerland and participated in the feast of graduation. We could spend almost one week together - made some trips, went for a walk, talked a lot, or just simple enjoyed the silence of the countryside, the peace, the love of my friends.
This was a really blessed time!
I could not cease to thank God for keeping her in good health, taking care of her and working in her heart.

In front of the Swiss Parliament

This week is over, now we have a preparation time - in one week we are going to the mission field, to Madagascar teaching the Gospel, being blessing to the needy.

The next post already comes from Madagascar!

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