Madagascar 2: Ministry in Antananarivo and Antsirabe

The second week is starting with my broken camera. This is a great trouble for me because I like to preserve the moments. What should I do without camera? I must to buy a new one. I really don't want to spend money but I need a camera. Additionally I have to bargain and this is not my cup of tea. Polly helped me, she bargained almost the half prise of the camera. I have a new camera!!

Next morning I was not capable to get up. I had a terrible diarrhoea. I was extremely week, just lieing on the couch and the toilet was sometimes too far. The only one medicine for me the starving. (I was starving for two days and became healed)
I was really week but we had to go to the campus base to teach and I had to share my testimony. I had not miss this opportunity. We prayed a lot, I became stronger. Afternoon we went to the campus. Two spare of underwear to the handbag (just in case), instead of bus we went by cab ( this is faster).
We arrived, I started to speak and became stronger and stronger as I spoke about the transformation of my life with the power of Christ. Such a proof of the protection of God!!! Not only I taught others but I also learned from this situations.

At the weekend we traveled to Antsirabe. This is a smaller city (with 300.000 inhabitants) to the southern direction of Antananarivo. The atmosphere is totally different - more familiar. On the streets many tuck-tucks, the people carrying the burdens on their head.
Our accomodation is great again. From the balcony I can take pictures.

The people are poor but everybody is kind, friendly, smiling.
But we are just the rich white turists in their eyes, who do not take care of the Malagasy people.
Fortunatelly not everyone has the same oppinion.
When we taught in one of the university cell groups, one guy told us that we are absolutely different than the other white people. We are humble, we came to serve, we teach them, we want to help them, we believe the transformation of Madagascar. 

This was an amazing feedback! This was one of my highlight of my ministry!

On Saturday morning we had opportunity to speak in the Christian radio. Christina, our leader spoke about our ministry, about YWAM.
In the evening Polly and me could share our testimony to 3000 people. This was a great chance!!

On Saturday afternoon we taught the Old-Testament overview in the mixed group.
On Sunday morning we gave the teaching about the Inductive Biblie Study Method.
Many young people came together this morning to listen to our teaching.
I practiced the method on the letter of Philemon.

They worked very hard with me and discovered many treasures for themselves. In the end of the teaching they understood what does the forgiveness mean in their lives, what is the significant of the second chance in their lives.  Each of us have a second chance by the grace of God.

This weekend was a really fruitful one! We got to know two amazing young guys, they are twins, who are leading a youth group, working with a Christian radio and serving God in many different ways! They are a real blessing to their surroundings!
May God bless them hundredfolded!

 On top of this we got to know an 82 years old Swiss women, who 20 years ago got a calling from God to go Madagascar and be blessing to the people. She has a farm with cows, making very delicious cheese, giving work for many Malagasy people, organize kids camps teaching them the Biblical principals.
We had a good Swiss diner (raklet) with her in Madagascar!

With this increadible meeting finishing our second week in Madagascar!
We always feel the protection of God in our ministry and in our personal lives.
We are full of gratitude that could be the messengers of God, could be the vessels of hope to the Malagasy people.

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