Madagascar 1: Exotic island or life in the poverty?

Switzerland early morning.
Three of us from School of Biblical Study were called by God to go Madagascar being the vessels of hope for this nation.

My backpack is 44 lb behind, the smaller one is 33 lb in front - I have the ballance.

By train to Geneva and by plane to Paris.

We arrived late afternoon to Paris.
Tried to use the short time in Paris immidiately went to look around the city in the rain. The sight-seeing continued next day as well: Notre-Dame, Socre Cour, Invalides, the bank of Seine, had to travel further to Amsterdam.

We wanted to spend the night in the chair at the airport of Amsterdam - the cheapest sollution. But one of the Dutch friends of Polly paid for us hotel room (with all you can eat breakfast) close to the airport.
This was far beyound all of our expectations!

Next noon Kenya Airways, at 8 p.m. we have been at Nairobi. This was alrady the real Africa! I have never been here before. We did not have much time, changed the plane, at 2 a.m. arrived to Antananarivo, the capital of Madagascar.

People were waited for us in the sanitary mask with the body temperature measuring instrument. The sight was frightening for me. Like in the movie but this was the real life. Questionnaries: where I came from, why, how long I will be here, what kind of vactination I have?
The Malagasy are afraid from Ebola, everyone who comes from Africa is potential Ebola-bearer in their eyes.
I finished with the questionnaries, stood in the line. Morose old lady asked something from me. I did not understand, I thought she spoke in French. I was pretty scared, tried to be very polite.
"Could you speak in English?"
Her question was in English, just I did not understand her French accent. Ouh! Bad starting!
And worse continuation!
I don't have vactination against yellow fiver. What will happen with me? I will be put in quarantine? I will be expelled from the country? Ouh my poor head...
She was thinking a lot, finally just waved one's hand, go! Wow! This was a hot situation for me!

Our Malagasy  friends sent a car to us, so we could avoid the local cabs. 3 o'clock in the morning. Travelling to our housing on the narrow streets. Everything is so bizarre for me, the smells, the people on the streets in the night. It is sure that I want to live here for 2 months?

Finally we arrived getting ready for every bad situation.
We got the next surprise. Our accommodation was far beyond our expectation! Behind the Libyan Embassy in a well-guarded area, in a well-equipped house. Hot water every day and night! We have a helper, a Malagasy lady, who is cooking and taking care of us. She is amazing, became a good friend very soon.

The next day we prepared teachings, and on the second day we taught the Old-Testament overview in the group of Youth for Christ.

Many young people, hungry for the Word!
We devided among us the time of the Old -Testament, so each of us can teach every part of the OT.
This morning I taught from the time of Abraham until the Babylonian exile - around 1500 years.
 It's a big challenge during 50 minutes!

 Afternoon we taught in the other youth group in the other part of the city.
We taught the Inductive Bible Study method to young Malagasy people who spoke in English.
We did not need translation.
They were really open-minded, full of questions!

The day was very fruitful, very blessed!
We got the first impressions from the Malagasy life, from the teaching!

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