Madagascar 4: Evaluation of the first part of our ministry

Cleaning the floor with the coconut shell

Next week we got an invitation to an English club. We were the interesting English speaker strangers, a good opportunity for the students practicing the English speech. The conversation is soon about our mission, about the Bible, about Jesus. They have many questions, most of them believe the chance of the transformation of Madagascar.
After the conversation comes their discussion time. The topic is interesting and fit to our purpose:
Would be the development of Madagascar faster if a strange country colonized it again?

Every student has to give an opinion at least in one sentence. Their opinions are really interesting. Many of them have the demand of dependence because this means the security for them. "We had a better life during the French colonization than now when we are living in freedom." (I heard a lot this opinion in Hungary concerning the communist time)

But some of them has a different mind. "We don't need other's 'help", we have every ability to change our own life!"
I am so happy for listening these young students. Previously we encouraged them to be history maker, to be transformer of their nation stepping out from their comfort zone in faith, following their calling like Abraham, Moses.
Each of us have a calling. Do we dare do this step? Do we have willingness to follow our calling bringing change to our and to other's life?

Today Hungary also stands before change.
We also have every ability to be history maker.
Why we don't use this?

Like in Geneva.
This city is one of the most significant places of the world. But 500 years ago Geneva was a very dirty, poor city with horrible hygienic situation. It was the meeting point of all he criminals and prostitutes of Europe. It was dirty and smelly and no normal person wanted to live there. It seemed to be in a hopeless situation.
But there was one man who did not accept this situation.
His name was John Calvin and he was convinced that the Bible is the truth and if the people would live according to the Biblical principals, the situation could be changed.

And only ONE generation (at that time was 40 years) Geneva changed into the beautiful place it is today. It is one of the richest and influential cities of the world.
Calvin stood for that everyone is personally accountable to God for the way they live. They can blame nobody else and give responsibility to nobody else for their situation.
Calvin taught that the principles of the Bible are applicable to every sphere of society and to every part of life, because God is a holistic God. He involved not only in the church, but His principals apply to the government, to the family, to the business, to arts and entertainment and so on. There is no part of life where God is excluded and that is what the Bible teaches us.

During one generation everything changed!
Is it possible in Madagascar as well?
Is it possible in Hungary as well?

On the picture you can see the great Reformation Monument (1909-1917) constructed for the 400 years celebration of the birth of John Calvin.
The focal points are the 15 foot-tall statues of Geneva luminaries: William Farel, the first to preach the reformation in Geneva, John Calvin, the leader of the reform movement and spiritual father of Geneva, Theodore Beza, Calvin's successor, John Knox, Scottish preacher and founder of Presbyterianism in Scotland.

Next day we taught in the campus base the Bible overview. My part was from the Babylonian captivity to the second coming of Jesus.
The young people were extremely enthusiastic, they had many questions. We focused on the possibility of the transformation of Madagascar again.
"Be a person who stands to your word.
Be a person who honest even if that means financial loss.
Be a person who cares for others.
Be a person who works hard.
Be a person who knows the Bible well.
It starts in your life and if you are faithful it will spread throughout Madagascar.
We believe that you are able to make a change!
Do you believe that?"

After teaching certainly we made a group picture.

Next day we went to an English School talking to the students. The school, the "Centre for the Teaching of English" was establish in 1974 from the money of the British Government. The students studying every subject in English, their English knowledge between the level 1-5.
This day was not too easy, we visited 7 (!) different classes. Every places tried to speak about our country, our ministry, about the Bible.
Many students gave his life to Jesus after our conversation!

On Saturday we had 3 hours morning teaching and 2 hours afternoon teaching in 2 different youth groups in 2 different point of the city.
On Sunday we prepared our traveling to Tamatave, to the harbour at the Indian - ocean. But in the afternoon an other youth group visited us listening to our teaching on the inductive method and asking our advices about the evangelical work.
We were already exhausted but wanted to pass the knowledge them. They were really hungry for the Word and eager to do something for their nation.
I was so touched seeing and listening them!

The time was running really fast.
We finished the first part of our ministry acclimatizing to the new situations, taught about 500 young people about the Bible overview and the inductive Bible study method.
I spoke to 600 people in a church on Sunday morning service about the Healing Word of the Living God and we spoke in a Christian radio to 3000 listeners encouraging them with our testimony.

Good bye Antananarivo, go to Tamatave, to the harbour at the Indian-ocean!

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