Madagascar 7: Evaluation of our mission

We came back from the bush and remained for couple days in Tamatave evaluating our mission.
Praise God, our ministry was really fruitful.
During this six weeks we taught in 32 different groups: university students sell groups, small home groups, youth groups, group of workers and managers in a garage, Bible College, English Club, English School, Bible Reading Group, women group in the bush, illiterate people in the bush.
Five Sundays we preached, taught five different churches (including two bush churches), several times gave personal counseling, prayed for the people after teaching.
We taught the Word of God and the Inductive Bible Study Method reaching around 1000 Malagasy and speaking in a Christian radio to 3000 people.
Most of them have never heard about the real character of God. Many of them gave their life to Jesus after teaching.
We encouraged them to read the Bible, follow their calling, transform their nation with he power of Holy Spirit. Some of them was really eager to do something for Madagascar.

Our whole mission glorified God. We just were tools in His hand, we just delivered His message. He spoke to the disheartened through us, He encouraged the hopeless through us, there is hope to transform the lives, there is hope to transform the whole nation.

This was an incredible blessed mission. We always felt the protection, the provision of God. We were protected against every physical and spiritual attack. We got everything what we prayed for. And what is more, we got always more that we ever asked or thought. (Ephesians 3:20)

This was a blessed mission for us as well. Serving God with faith and humbleness, being His tool in His hand, this was a great blessing for us. We learned a lot, improving in our faith, knowing better ourselves and God's faith.
We got to know fantastic people who are working on the building of the Kingdom of God, fulfilling incredible ministries.

For example on the picture visible Mariane, our fantastic, serving heart translator, the twins, who are doing amazing job with the Christian radio and with their youth group, the 82 years old Swiss lady who followed God's calling and moved to Madagascar 20 years ago making Swiss cheese, giving job many Malagasy, organizing Summer kids camp teaching biblical principals to the children. And still many-many marvelous people...

Every day we could experience God's provision, God's leading and God's faith. God is present everywhere, He is in control. We learned humbleness.
This 6 weeks changed our character.

And God took care of us still further....

After finishing our ministry we decided to go on a short holiday, because we saw from Madagascar almost nothing teaching nearly every day, sometimes two different places, or one day seven different classes in English school. In additional the preparation time of the teachings was really much. This 6 weeks were an intensive and pretty tiring time for us.
So we decided to go to the Island Saint-Marie on a short holiday by this boat.

Arriving to the island, we did not find a cheap and good accommodation. All afternoon we were seeking a cheap and comfortable place travelling by this cab. Finally we gave up but immediately appeared an other cab with ladies from Mercy Ship, being on the way to the other, smaller island.

We joined to them getting in the pirogues, and after 15 minutes we arrived to the Paradise.
We got the best again.

To be continued...

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