Madagascar 8: Where my dream comes true

Arriving the last station of our trip getting from God's provision.

We were in a small island, Ile aux Nattes.
Our accommodation was a small and neat lodge located on the northern shore of the island. The lodge sits on the small canal which separates Ile aux Nattes and St Marie, and looks onto the opposite island which is just a pirogue trip away.

We lived in this en-suite bungalow (was built in a typical rustic Malagasy style with island materials) just 20 steps from the water of the canal

In the right corner of picture you can see a chair. I used to sit here every morning keeping my quiet time, praising God and rejoice at the all beauty created by the Lord.

Usual early morning picture: the natives bring merchandise to the island with their pirogues

As a result of Madagascar's long isolation from neighboring continents, the island is home to an abundance of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth. Approximately 90 % of all plant and animals species found in Madagascar are endemic, including the lemurs.

Madagascar is world-famous its lemurs - primates that look something like a cat crossed with a squirrel and a dog. Lemurs have been characterized as "Madagascar's flagship mammal species"
We had two lemurs as pets.

This small monkey grew up in human surroundings, he is like a spoiled kid, jumps on the table, wants to eat from everyone's plate. But he is so adorable, not possible to be angry at him.

To walk around the island takes about 3 hours.

I took these pictures while I was walking around the island, but we explored the island by local lakana (pirogue) as well. This trip gave us a different view and experience of this beautiful island.

After boarding with our Malagasy friend

Making grilled fish

The view from the top of the hill.
Yo can see where the canal is,where  the opened ocean starts.
The water of the canal is warm and free of sharks.

The shallows around the island are ideal for snorkeling and the coral reef represents some of the most extensive and well developed reef ecosystems in the Indian Ocean.
I tried the snorkeling first time in my life, and after that I was eager to try the scuba diving as well.

                                        After draught with my young friends.

Exploring the bigger island, Saint Marie by scooter. First time in my life with scooter!
I really enjoined it!

Our beach was one of the 10 best swimming beaches in Africa, crystal clear warm shallow water, calm tide, soft, white sand, coconut trees.
This was always my dream: being a place, where at last I don't have to be cold, where the water is warm, palm trees and blue sky above me - meanwhile at home is winter....

                                                                     Is it not God's provision?!

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