Serving the Kingdom of God in Portugal

Serving the Kingdom of God in Budapest the Lord has given me an opportunity to travel to Lisbon, join to Cindi and Eduardo Angelo's ministry for a week.

They have been missionaries there since 1999, planting some Free Methodist Churches.

On 26th of February I could speak about Set Free Movement and about our real identity what is rooted in Christ. Each of us are broken, suffering from some kind of bondages: mentally, emotionally, spiritually. Only Christ can set us free.

Teaching on the same topic to different audience.
The people were really opened, they had lots of question, many of them know someone who was trapped or trafficked. The problem is real and relevant. We have to open the eyes of society. Every country has to face this problem.

                                                                                             We prayed for the nations.

Greetings from Budapest Free Methodist Church to an other Portuguese Free Methodist Church.
It was a blessing to me get to know these churches and feel the warmly welcome, enjoy their hospitality. I really felt that we are brothers and sisters for long time.

Sharing food, clothes and the Gospel to the homeless
at the Lisbon train station.


I can not speak Portuguese therefore I was very happy when we met with a 20 years old Scottish guy who is travelling in Europe with his guitar seeking something, seeking himself. He was really opened when we spoke about Jesus. We prayed for him, pastor Eduardo prayed for him, and he invited Jesus into his heart as personal Savior.

It was a significant moment in my life because I have never met someone who was so opened to the Gospel like this young guy.
Since that time  I am praying for him to be rooted in Christ.

Teaching in the Lisbon Discipleship Training School (operated by YWAM)

While I have been in Lisbon I got an unexpected invitation to the M 3 Conference (Women Ministering Ministers) speaking about human trafficking and modern day slavery.



The plenty of questions from my audience confirmed me about our responsibility to do something, raising awareness, speaking up for those who can not speak for themselves.

During this week I met many great people spending great time with them, serving with them or just enjoy fellowship with them.

Long story short, this ministry was like this:

"And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose." (Romans 8:28)

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