Meeting with Hungarians

In this week arrived the hungarian lady who is working in the bigger part of the year in Germany. I visited her almost every day, talked a lot and drank delicious german coffee.
Many people working in Germany from this village as well. The women taking care of elderly and sick people, the man working generally in building industry.
On Saturday we went to Targu Mures to a free time center.
We wanted to swimm, but my target was to find internet connection. In our base we don’t have any internet connection – neither fast, neither slow. Most of the people don’t care the internet. They don’t understand how important the connection with the world for me.  They do the DTS with their family they don’t miss enybody. I’d like to keep in touch with my family, friend, want to transfer money, searching some informations and send the news for the readers of my blog. But this is impossible without internet. I make the best of every program when I can go to some city and can look for internet coffee. It happend in this case as well.
We went to swimming to Targu Mures (Marosvásárhely). The 150,000 inhabitants 47% hungarians, 50% rumanian, 2% gipsies.
This city was the biggest Hungarian city in Transylvania, therefore Ceausescu settled many Rumanian to this city, so the rate of Rumanian came up with the rate of Hungarian. I was glad for the two languages captions and heared so many Hungarian words. But my first experience was not good because the lady at the cashier’s desk didn’t want to speak in Hungarian. I ask the ticket in Hungarian, she understood it, but answered in Rumanian.

Inside beautiful, tended grass, some different size and temperature pools, slips. My German team mates didn’t understand why have to pay extra money for the slide, when we buy the enter ticket. I explained them this practis exist in Hungary as well. Everywhere huge shade-trees, snackes bars, buffets, Hungarian foods (lángos, kürtős kalács). Everything is perfect except the toilets…

On the way home we stopped at a McDonald’s. Everybody enjoyed the fastfood, I rejoiced at the intenet connection.
I took some pictures too about the main square of the city.

In the backgroud is an enourmous orthodox cathedral, was built in 

In the other side of the square there is a Palace of Culture, was built in szecession style mixed Hungarian folk art style. On the roof are Zsolnay- enamels.



In this week we participated in a church concert gave by the youth came from the Republica Moldavia. Our team sang some worshipsongs in Rumanian, and one of the songs in Rumanian, in German, in English, in Hungarian and in Malagasi language. The Hungarian lyrics I taught to the team. Everyone was suffering from the Hungarian words. They learned much more easier the Malagasi words from the couple who cames from Madagascar! (Hungarian is a heavenly language. You have to learn for eternity….)
We had a big success and the Moldavian team as well. They performed a part of the Bible (The parable of the ten girls- Matthew 25,1-13)
„Watch out, then, because you do not know the day or the hour.” (When are Jesus coming again)


  1. Hát elég érdekes napjaid lehetnek.De remélem,nagyon jól érzed magad.Puszi

  2. I like so much your pictures from Tg. Mureș! I am glad that you had a good experience! God bless you!