On the Palm of God

We are living in a wonderful place. Sometimes I feel  I am a part of nature, a part of forest, a part of a aer.
In the village live around 100 families. Some steps and I am at the fringe of the forest. Everywhere is peace, silent.  I met already some deers and once a fox run through on the way.

I enjoy the form of the clouds, the silence of the forest, the surrounding hills, the colorful wild flowers. Everything is worshiping the Creator! I feel the peace, the safety,  as I would sitting on the palm of God!

My quiet time from morning I had to reorganize to afternoon, to evening. The feeling is different in this time in the forest. (I am jogging every morning from 6 to 6:30, after that doing morning exercises, than preparing breakfast for 20 people. I have to moving because my trousers are too tight…)
Often organize bycikle tours and always discover some new and beautiful places.

We are living in the nature but sometimes not too easy. The next surfaced road is 5 kilometer from us, and the slip-road is so dusty!

In spite of this we are living in a really modern and comfortable place. Our accomodation and cafetering  is according to German style. Twenty people six bathrooms with toilettes. Four eatings per days with so many good, delicious and healty foods. I am already so fat…. In the evenings we roast bread and sausage on the bonfire.

Several times come other groups to our camp, in this time we eat more nice foods. Doughnut, pancake, some different cakes.

We are an international team and we try to get to know the kitchen of each others. We ate already Thailand food, Malagasi, Mexican, Norway, German, Rumanian, Hungarian gulyás, and now they want to eat lángos. At the weekend was an medieval festival and some of us tasted langos. They told everybody the langos is extremely delicous. Now everybody wants to eat langos! I think I make once and after that we will eat every week langos….
At the weekend was a medieval festival in Sighisoara. This is the biggest summer meeting for the youth in Transylvania. Certainly here also the most important thing the eating, drinking, spending money.
I saw some interesting medieval performances, I met knights in armour, moreover I was put in the stocks.

On Sunday I could drive the big Citroen Jumpy to the next village to the Sunday Morning Servise.

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